La Vang Holy Land- La Vang Church

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One of the famous places of the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone and the only place belonging to Catholicism is La Vang Holy Land. La Vang today is a holy place and an essential place of pilgrimage for Vietnamese Catholics. Located in the Hai Lang district, Quang Tri province, it also belongs to the  Archdiocese of Hue. This is one of the three recognized famous pilgrimage sites in Vietnam, and that, at the same time, makes La Vang a tourist destination.

La Vang Holy Land - La Vang Church

La Vang Holy Land, also known as La Vang Church, has many mysterious stories. At the same time, this place has endured many difficult times to become one of the three Catholic pilgrimage sites it is today. Our Lady of La Vang Catholic Church is an exciting place for those who are Catholic and those who are not; they still come here to visit and learn. If you want to learn about Our Lady of La Vang church, then come; Hoi An Private Taxi will help you learn more interesting information about this place.

The Origin Of The Name “La Vang”

The first thing about La Vang Holy Land is its name, it sounds simple, but there are many stories behind it. One theory under Emperor Canh Thinh of the Tay Son dynasty issued an anti-Catholic policy. So Catholics will not be recognized and punished. To escape the punishment of the court, these people moved to this place and operated. This is a remote mountainous area, so to communicate with each other, they have to shout – “La”. But when it stops loud, there will be an echo – “Vang”- the origin of La Vang.

La Vang Holy Land - La Vang Church

Another explanation is that there was an epidemic when the parishioners ran to this land. At that time, Our Lady appeared and showed them a leaf called “La Vang”. They need to drink this leaf’s medicinal water to cure the disease. When you remove all the punctuation marks in “La Vang”, it will become “La Vang”. In addition, there are many explanations for the name of Our Lady of La Vang church, but all are just theories.

Our Lady of La Vang Epiphany

One of the most famous stories in La Vang Church is that Our Lady once appeared here to help people. When the parishioners came here for the first time to hide. They faced many dangers, diseases, wild animals, hunger and thirst, and officials. They could only entrust their faith to God and Our Lady.

While using the rosary to pray to Our Lady, they suddenly saw a woman wearing a loose robe, holding the Child Jesus in her arms, with two angels holding lamps on either side. They immediately recognized that this was the Virgin Mary, who showed her kindness, tenderness and comfort to the parishioners. Our Lady also instructed them to pick a leaf that grows around it, boil it in the water, and drink it to cure their disease.

La Vang Holy Land - La Vang Church

The event happened on the grass near the base of an ancient banyan tree where parishioners were praying. After that, Our Lady also appeared many times to support and comfort the parishioners in times of need. Since then, widely circulated, many people have believed, come here to pray to Our Lady. Thanks to this story, La Vang Church in Quang Tri has become more famous and sought after by pilgrims.

Construction history of La Vang Church

Not many historical documents detail the history of construction and the formation of La Vang Church because it has been through a long time. There is a theory that they built the La Vang Church on the foundation of a Buddhist temple or a shrine for foresters. Initially, this was just a shabby unspoiled roof next to a banyan tree, but everything changed after Our Lady’s appearance. After that, the parishioners continued to build a new church.

La Vang Holyland From 1885 to 1894

Bishop Ho Ngoc Can recount that in 1885 La Vang Church was burned, and a group of La Vang parishioners rebuilt the Church of Our Lady on the old foundation. But this is only a temporary place for Catholics to have a place to worship Our Lady. In 1886 (a record of 1894), Bishop Caspar Loc rebuilt this temple with tiles. But because building in a mountainous area, it wasn’t easy to transport materials, so it took 15 years to complete. Until 1901, the first La Vang congress was held on August 8 to celebrate the church’s inauguration.

La Vang Holy Land - La Vang Church

From 1924 to 1995

In 1924, realizing that La Vang Church had become too small and dilapidated, a new church was built. Using the design of the architect Carpentier and erected to replace the old church that had deteriorated. On August 20, 1928, the new church was completed and officially inaugurated at the 9th La Vang Congress. In 1959, they restored to renew and prepare to receive a new thing.

La Vang Holy Land - La Vang Church

During the meeting on April 13, 1961, the Bishops’ Conference of Vietnam (South) unanimously decided that La Vang was the National Marian Center. But unfortunately, the 1972 war in Quang Tri destroyed most of the facilities at La Vang Church. So in 1995, all the works of the church were repaired or newly built.

La Vang Church From 2008 To Present

In 2008, Thanh Dia La Vang was granted an additional 21 hectares of land by Quang Tri province to serve people’s beliefs. And on August 15, 2012, the first stone laying ceremony took place to build the new Basilica.

La Vang Holy Land - La Vang Church

The Bishop build a new Basilica on an area of ​​13,464 m². The length of the work is 132m in the north-south direction and 102m in the east-west direction, with a capacity of 5000 people. Expected to be completed and inaugurated in 2023, the new church in La Vang Sanctuary is almost completed and ready to be completed.

La Vang Holy Land- A Annual Pilgrimage Site

It is always popular because it is Vietnam’s most famous pilgrimage site. Since completing the tiled church in 1901, the church held a pilgrimage festival on August 15 in La Vang. There is a congress every three years, and the pilgrimage festival held in even years will be larger than those held in odd years.

La Vang Holy Land - La Vang Church

Pilgrims to this place can buy “Leaf Vang”, a type of leaf in the legend that has healing and cooling properties. Not only that, but many tourists also come here to make pilgrimages and ask for the blessings that Catholics believe Our Lady will bless.

In addition, Vietnamese Catholics in the United States still organize Marian Congresses to honor Our Lady of La Vang. There are also many churches in the United States, such as La Vang church in Houston. La Vang church in Las Vegas and more.

La Vang Holy Land - La Vang Church

That’s all the information you need to know about La Vang Church – La Vang Holy LandHoi An Private Taxi hopes that information will be helpful to you. In addition, if you want to know any more information about other locations such as Quang Tri Citadel, or Khe Sanh Combat Base, click to read. Or you want to go directly to Quang Tri city from Da Nang to explore La Vang Church; you can book a shuttle service from Da Nang to DMZ by private car.

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