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Dong Dinh Art Museum is another attraction worth a visit for tourists coming to Da Nang. Those keen on the history and culture of this seaside city will be captured by the “Garden of Memory” – Dong Dinh Museum.

Dong Dinh Art Museum - Hoi An Private Taxi

Let us provide you with an overview of this unique museum and help you find out more before you decide to give it a real visit!

Dong Dinh Museum Location

Dong Dinh Art Museum Da Nang is beautifully situated on Hoang Sa Road in Son Tra Peninsula and left of Linh Ung Pagoda. Its total area is nearly 10,000 square meters.

Dong Dinh Museum Son Tra Peninsula - Hoi An Private Taxi

It is among three museums granted permission to be constructed within Son Tra Nature Reserve by the government. Thus, the surrounding forest will give visitors wonderful feelings.

How To Get To Dong Dinh Art Museum?

The route to Dong Dinh Museum is relatively easy. You can go along Hoang Sa Road and go straight to Linh Ung Pagoda until you see an alley leading to the museum.

For this route, you can use many road vehicles. For example, you can ride a motorcycle on your own to enjoy the air. Other options for a group of visitors are taxis and car rentals.

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Dong Dinh Museum Entrance Fee and Opening Hours

Dong Dinh Art Museum entrance fee is 150.000VND/person (including a drink) and free for children under 12 (drinks not included).

Moreover, to fully meet visitors’ needs, Dong Dinh Museum opens on weekdays and weekends from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Best Time To Visit Dong Dinh Museum

Your visit time is totally up to you. Yet, you should avoid the monsoon season (from September to December) because it may hinder your visit.

The recommended visit time is from March to July, when Da Nang is sunny and dry, with little rain sometimes. Thanks to shady plants and trees, you can come in both mornings and afternoons without being exposed too much to sunlight.

Dong Dinh Museum Da Nang - Hoi An Private Taxi

What Makes Dong Dinh Art Museum Special?

Fascinating Combination

Its name “Dong Dinh” comes from the fact that many fishtail palms (a plant called “dung dinh” in Vietnamese) are grown here. These “dung dinh” trees are the original highlight of the ecological landscape in Dong Dinh Museum.

Taking advantage of the natural terrain, the owner created a museum space with poetic scenery deeply immersed in plants and melodious birds. Nestling peacefully behind greeny trees, the museum hides in clumping bamboo. Tourists will be astonished at the gifts mother nature has bestowed on this place.

Dong Dinh Art Museum Da Nang exhibits antiques aged from 100 to 2500 years. They belong to various cultures like Sa Huynh, Dai Viet, Trung Hoa, etc. It is elite artist Doan Huy Giao who has collected and displayed them here.

So, Dong Dinh Museum is a fascinating combination between the art-culture space and the ecological landscape of forests. Relaxing in the world of art and woods creates unique and unforgettable experiences for tourists.

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Cultural Significance

Dong Dinh Art Museum recreates vividly cultural and historic values in its structure and organization. As its name “Garden of Memory” evokes, its architecture has the depth of culture and the antique atmosphere of art and nature.

Besides plants, the museum has three small ponds for fish and a natural stream, bringing visitors a fresh sense of water. In addition to the natural elements in the structure, the museum was built as a traditional midland garden house of the Quang.

Unlike some commercial tourist attractions, profit is not the central purpose of Dong Dinh Museum. Rather, it aims at becoming a humble cultural destination and contributing to the general cultural appearance of Da Nang City.

The museum is not only an exhibition space for culture and art but also an organized place for small events. For example, camps for art composers, art workshops, and exhibitions for domestic and foreign artists.

Let’s say Dong Dinh Museum Da Nang is a contributor to the diversity of the city’s cultural tourism, an organizer for small events, and a space for researchers, collectors, artists, and art lovers.

Dong Dinh Museum Da Nang Son Tra - Hoi An Private Taxi

Highlight Features of Dong Dinh Art Museum

Dong Dinh Art Museum is recreated as a conventional midland house with 4 parts: the antique exhibit house, art exhibition space, fishing village memorial house, and ethnographic gallery. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to explore these prominent features!

The Antique Exhibit House

The Antique Exhibit House includes two Ruong houses designed based on the historic style of Kim Bong artisans. This part displays distinct cultural collections belonging to various cultures.

You have a chance to witness the ancient relics originating from diverse folk cultures of 54 ethnic groups around Vietnam. Sa Huynh’s cultural collection is the most noticeable. It includes willow leaf-shaped earrings, anklets from stones, etc.

Another is the Champa’s ceramic collection found underground in the Tra Kieu imperial city (Duy Xuyen – Quang Nam). Also, Dai Viet’s ceramic collection is diverse in genre and advanced in years. Many of them appeared from Ly, Tran, Le, and Nguyen dynasties.

Dong Dinh Museum Vietnam - Hoi An Private Taxi

The Art Exhibition Space

The second highlight of Dong Dinh Art Museum Da Nang is the Art Exhibition Space. This part was designed in a modern style and forest ecological space. So it is highly appreciated by many ecologists and architects.

Here exhibit artist Dinh Y’s black-white and colored paintings combined with artist Dang Viet Trieu’s aesthetic masks. The combination of these pieces is a harmonious creation between paintings and sculptures.

Additionally, you will come across a lot of unique works of the ethnic minorities in the Central and Highlands.

Dong Dinh Art Museum - Hoi An Private Taxi

The Fishing Village Memorial House

In Fishing Village Memorial House, you will see crystal clear images of the ancient Cham, from paintings to relics of fishing back then. This house is made from 2 wooden boats, 3 bamboo boats, and 5 baskets from Nam Tho village.

Around the house exhibit unusual buoys, nets, and fishing supplies arranged naturally. All of them depict vividly the idyllic life of people in the fishing village. So you can discover the daily life close to the sea and the hardship of fishing villagers.

The Ethnographic Gallery

In Dong Dinh Museum, the Ethnographic Gallery is the most different part. Inside displays many collections and relics originated from various villages of the ethnic minorities in the Central and Highlands. Those are just simple daily objects, like wooden masks with strange shapes, but they portray the mental and spiritual life of ancient people.

Dong Dinh Museum - Hoi An Private Taxi

Helpful Tips When Visiting Dong Dinh Museum

  • Dong Dinh Art Museum is easily accessible through a good road. There are, however, a few steep corners, so drivers should drive with caution.
  • Make sure your petrol tank is full before the trip because there are no petrol stations close to the museum.
  • The museum is among many trees. So you should wear comfortable clothing with long sleeves and carry insect repellents with you.
  • Put on sneakers so you can move about more easily.
  • Ask the staff before taking a picture since there are some parts of the museum where photography is prohibited.
  • The dry season (from March to July) is the ideal time to visit Dong Dinh Art Museum, and Da Nang as well.
  • You can also visit other intriguing attractions in Da Nang, such as Ba Na Hills, Golden Bridge, Marble Mountains, or Han River Bridge, etc.


By visiting Dong Dinh Art Museum, you can learn more about native culture, admire nature, and experience a sense of tranquility. For art lovers or those just wanting to escape from the bustle of cities, this is a fantastic destination in Da Nang!

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