Cam Kim Island- The Green Oasis Of Hoi An

Cam Kim Island- Hoi An Private Taxi


Cam Kim Island is a famous attraction that you must pay a visit to when traveling to Hoi An. You won’t regret getting here because it is such a peaceful, green, and rich culture oasis.

Cam Kim Island- Hoi An Private Taxi

If you are a long stay tourist in Hoi An and too familiar with the ancient town, old houses, assembly halls. If you would like to get to the green of the countryside, or just want to have different views of daily life, local culture, you should visit Cam Kim Island.

Hoi An Private Taxi

Hoi An Private Taxi Travel recommends you take a bicycle to explore this beautiful island. Not far from the ancient town, it takes 15 minutes to get to a different world, the world of peace, the fresh as well as the rich culture of the real village.

What makes Cam Kim Island special?

The first impression when coming to Cam Kim village is a cool green color covering the whole village. The hedges of vines, wildflowers, grasslands, and cornfields stretch endlessly, creating a picture with the dominant green tone, quite cool to the eye.

Cam Kim Island- Hoi An Private Taxi

Summer in the central region with the hot, grumpy sun, but is soothed by the cool green color all over the road around the village. You should ride the bike leisurely, inhaling the fresh scent from the fields on both sides of the road.

In the afternoon, the children in the village rushed to the open ground to run, jump, and play football. The kids around middle school and high school age are small but strong. They ran and played on the grassy ground, dancing with the ball in the twilight. The cows graze leisurely. It is such a picture of a peaceful and leisurely countryside village.

Cam Kim Island- Hoi An Private Taxi

Although not far from the ancient town, Cam Kim island Hoi An is still a pristine village that has not been “touristic”. Usually, tourists on tour only know about Kim Bong carpentry village, which is a small area in Cam Kim village. But they have not “rushed” to Cam Kim as crowded as in the old town.

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That is why Cam Kim does not have many services for inns, hotels, or stylish and luxurious bars. Until now, Cam Kim is still a gentle, sincere country girl lying on the banks of the Thu Bon River.

Originally an oasis, fortunately in early 2016, Cam Kim Bridge was built, connecting Cam Kim village with Hoi An town, which help traffic more and more convenient. This also helps people’s lives here be less crowded and isolated when the flood returns.

Things to do in Cam Kim Island Hoi An

Afternoon cycling leisurely in Cam Kim, tourists will be able to breathe in a very airy, fresh, and cool space. The green color of corn, rice, and wildflowers covers the whole village.

Cam Kim Island- Hoi An Private Taxi

After that, you can get into a small village restaurant to enjoy some fresh beer with some “beer’s foods” on the riverbank of Thu Bon. The cool breeze, peaceful atmosphere, nice views, all make you love this island more.

During the harvest season, a lot of local boats carry only corn from Cam Kim village to town or to other villages by waterway. Cam Kim village is like “floating” on the river

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Kim Bong carpentry village also belongs to Cam Kim island. This is one of the ancient craft villages in Hoi An with finely carved and chiseled wood products such as tables, chairs, Buddha statues … exported to many countries. Coming to Kim Bong, Cam Kim, visitors will hear the chiseled sounds echoing in every corner of the village.

Cam Kim Island- Hoi An Private Taxi

Kim Bong carpentry village has become a famous destination for tourists to visit on day tours. Visitors can take a local boat along the Thu Bon river to get to Cam Kim.

How to get to Cam Kim island?

Up to now, with the Cam Kim Bridge, visitors can ride bicycles to visit and explore the village in their own way without having to depend on boat time. But if you still want to enjoy the river life and experience the feeling of sailing across the river like the locals, tourists can still go to the boat dock near Hoi An market and then wait for the boat to get there.

Cam Kim Island Map

Cam Kim Island- Hoi An Private Taxi

If not, you can book the Hoi An City Tour via Hoi An Private Taxi to have a great chance to unlock the beauty of Hoi An ancient town, Kim Bong village in Cam Kim island Vietnam. You will learn a lot of valuable things from our local guide.

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